Accompanying Person’s Itinerary

There is no formal accompanying person’s program however the local organisers recommend the following itineraries and these should be arranged independently.

Melbourne in 72 hours

As spring unfurls and daylight lingers longer, Melbourne’s creative scene opens up to new possibilities. Now’s the time to take a long break, to relax and refresh. Grab tickets to Melbourne International Arts Festival or a Fringe Festival event. Spruce up for the Spring Racing Carnival and head out to live music gigs at band rooms, pubs, and after dark venues with Cinderella sensibilities. Shop spring fashions and find new styles, as the city sheds its layers. Explore what’s new, as arts and music spill into the laneways and blossoming gardens of Melbourne. Find a fresh twist on spring in Melbourne.

Day 1: Laneway eateries and all the best coffee in Melbourne

Day 2: Art and culture

Day 3: Inner city neighbourhoods

Other Itineraries

Things to do and see in Melbourne

Prefer to plan your own trip or play it by ear? Make sure you to check out some of the wonderful places / things Melbourne has to offer.